Brevinor and Pregnancy

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Brevinor should not be taken if you think you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test immediately and see your doctor who can confirm whether you are pregnant or not. If you are pregnant, stop taking the contraceptive pill immediately.

Trying for a baby

If you are using Brevinor and want to try for a baby, you should finish the cycle of pills that you are on and then stop taking the pill. The pill will not have affected your fertility levels but it may take a few months for your body to return to normal after you come off Brevinor. It is best to wait until you are experiencing regular periods again before trying for a baby so that if you do get pregnant, it is easier for the doctor to work out when the baby will be due. However, it is possible to get pregnant before your cycle returns to normal and this is perfectly fine, as it will not cause any harm to you or your baby.


If you have just had a baby and want to start Brevinor as a method of contraception, you can start taking it 21 days after you have given birth for immediate protection. However, you should not start taking Brevinor if you are breast-feeding. The oestrogen in the pill can reduce the amount of milk you produce and you may not make enough to meet the demands of your baby. You are advised to take the progestogen only pill instead or find another method of contraception that will not disturb your milk flow.

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