Cerazette and Other Medications

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Interactions may occur between Cerazette and other medications that you may be taking that can reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Likewise, the pill can affect other medications and either cause them to be ineffective or increase their side effects. It is important to let your doctor know if you are using any other type of medication before you are prescribed Cerazette, so they can check that the medication will not have any effect on the pill and vice versa.

The following types of medication will stop Cerazette from working properly. Any anti-epileptic drugs such as carbamazpine. Felbamate, primidone, Phenobarbital or oxcarbazepine will render the pill ineffective. Anti- HIV medication such as ritonavir may also affect the pill. Antibiotics have a big effect on the pill and are the main cause of pregnancy, as many women do not realize that antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the pill. If you are only using antibiotics for short-term treatment, you should use extra protection to ensure you are protected from pregnancy. However, if the antibiotics are going to be a long-term treatment, you should consider finding a different method of contraception that is not so affected by the antibiotics you are taking. Medications to treat other infections such as griseofulvin will also affect the pill.

Medical charcoal is used to treat stomach upsets and this can also affect the pills success in preventing pregnancy. So can the herbal remedy St Johns wort that is used to treat depression and it is advised that you either stop using these medications or you find another method of contraceptive.

There are three main medications that Cerazette can increase the effects of. It can make the side effects of lamotrigine, tizanidine and selegiline which means that you may experience more adverse side effects from these medications that you did before, a problem that you may cause you discomfort.  You should talk to your doctor about what the next course of action should be in regards to your contraception.

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