How to take Femodene ED

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Femodene ED is an every day pill so you will always take a pill throughout the 28 days of your cycle. Each strip contains 21 active pills and 7 inactive pills. Femodene comes with a calendar strip, which you can place over the top of your pills so that they correspond with the correct day so that you know which day to take your pill. It is also a good way of monitoring if you have taken the pill on the correct day.

You should try to start Femodene ED on the first day of your period, as this will offer immediate protection from pregnancy. If you start after this time, you will need to use extra protection because you will not be protected from pregnancy. Start by taking the first pill from the strip and continue by following the arrows, taking one pill a day at the same time each day. It is important that you take the pill at the same time as this makes the pill the most effective. If you are late taking the pill, you may not be protected from pregnancy.

You must take a pill every day. The last seven days of the pill are the inactive form so they do not contain any hormones. Take these pills as normal so you take a pill every day. During this time you may experience a withdrawal bleed that is very similar to a period except it is much lighter and will not last as long. Sometimes, your body does not have a withdrawal bleed and as long as you have taken the pill correctly, this is perfectly normal. If you experience more than two missed withdrawal bleeds, contact your doctor. You may also experience bleeding throughout the 28-day cycle and these are usually light spots that are a side effect of the pill. However, if this bleeding is unusually heavy or does not stop, you should seek medical attention.

Once you have finished a strip, you must start the next one immediately and do not take a break. If you start the next pack late, you will not be protected from pregnancy.

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