How does Femodene ED Prevent Pregnancy?

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Femodene ED is a very effective pill for protecting against pregnancy if taken properly. If the pill is missed or taken late, this will reduce its effectiveness as the constant stream of hormones into your blood stream are what prevents pregnancy. It works the same way as other contraceptive pills and has three mechanisms by which it stops pregnancy.

Preventing egg release

Every month, you release an egg during ovulation, which travels down the fallopian tube in the hope it will become fertilised. The chances of falling pregnant are highest during this ovulation period. The whole process is controlled by rising and falling levels of a number of hormones within your body. The pill works by inputting a constant level of oestrogen and progestogen into your system, which makes your body believe you have already ovulated. If it thinks this, it will not produce another egg, as only one egg is matured a month. Therefore, you will not release an egg during your cycle so there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise and you can’t fall pregnant.

Thickening the mucous

Around the opening of the vagina, there is fluid that helps protect the area and keep it clean. The sperm have to swim through this on their journey towards the egg. If you thicken this mucous, it forms a viscous plug and makes it very difficult for the sperm to move throughout it. Therefore, even if an egg is released, there is little chance of the sperm making it to the fallopian tube to fertilise it.

Thinning of the uterus wall

The third mechanism of protection is thinning the uterus wall. In the rare event an egg does get released and a sperm manages to get through the mucous plug to fertilise it, the egg must then implant itself into the uterus wall. During your normal cycle, this uterus lining will build up and become thick to make it easier for the egg to embed into the wall. If you thin this uterus wall, then it makes it much harder for the egg to implant and lead to a successful pregnancy. Therefore, the pill creates an obstacle at every stage that makes it very difficult for you to become pregnant.

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