Forgetting to take Binovum

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Forgetting to take the contraceptive pill is the main cause of pregnancy whilst being on Binovum. It makes the pill less effective because you are disrupting the flow of hormones into your blood stream. It depends on how many pills you have missed and when you have missed them as to whether you are at risk of becoming pregnant.

If you have missed one pill on Binovum, you will still be protected from pregnancy. As soon as you notice the missed pill, take it immediately, which may mean you will take more than one pill in a day. Then you can continue as normal, as you should still be protected from pregnancy.

If you have missed two or more pills, you will not be protected from pregnancy. You should take the last pill missed as soon as you noticed it and leave all the other missed pills. Additional contraception will be needed for the next seven days. If you have had unprotected sex in the time in which you have missed pills, you should get the emergency contraceptive pill immediately.

If you have missed two or more pills and you have more than seven pills left until the end of your pack, then follow the instructions above and continue as normal. However, if you have less than seven days of pills left before your withdrawal bleed, you need to follow the instructions above but instead of having a seven day break, you need to start the next strip immediately. This means you will not experience a withdrawal bleed.

Another thing that can make your pill less effective is starting the new pack late. If you forget to start your new pack and have a pill free break that is longer than seven days you will not be protected from pregnancy.

Losing a pill

If you lose a pill, it is important that you take one every day so don’t just miss a pill. You have two options. You can take the pill at the end of your pack and then carry on taking the pills as normal which means that you will have one day less at the end of your cycle. You then have the seven-day break as usual. The other option is that you can take a pill from another strip and use that strip as a spare incase you lose any more pills.

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