How do you Take Logynon?

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The 21-day version of Logynon must be taken every day for 21 days in order for it to be effective. As it contains pills with varying amounts of the menstrual hormones, it is important that you take the pills in the correct order. Once you have taken every pill in a strip, you then have a seven-day break in which no pills are taken.

Each strip contains enough pills for one cycle. You should take the pill that has the number one mark on it. There is a calendar strip that comes with each pack and you should position the number one pill so that it corresponds with the day of the week you start taking the pill. When you first start the contraceptive pill, start it on the first day of your period. This will enable you immediate protection from pregnancy. If you take at any other time, you will not receive immediate protection and will need to use a condom for at least seven days from starting.

Starting will pill one; take one pill a day, every day until the pack is finished. You should follow the arrows on the strip, ensuring that you do no miss a pill. You must take the pill at the same time every day to be protected from pregnancy. If you do not do so, the pill may not be as effective.

When you have finished the pack of 21 pills, stop taking the pill for seven days. This allows your body a withdrawal bleed where you experience a lighter, shorter version of a period. You may not be regular during the first couple of months of starting Logynon. When it gets to the eighth pill free day, exactly one week since you stopped taking the last pack, start a new strip. If you do not start on time you will not be protected from pregnancy.

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