How does Logynon Work?

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Logynon is a combined contraceptive pill so it works by three main mechanisms. Rather than just reducing pregnancy in one way, it uses a variety of techniques so that you will be protected. These mechanisms are what make the contraceptive pill so effective.

The best way to prevent pregnancy is to stop an egg from being released. If there is no egg present, there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise. During your menstrual cycle, one egg is released from a follicle in your ovary per month when your uterus is ready for pregnancy. Hormones that rise and fall in levels control this release. If you take the contraceptive pill, you are adding constant levels of the hormones oestrogen and progestogen into your system. This tricks your body into thinking that it has already ovulated. In actual fact, no egg has been released but your body believes that release has occurred. Therefore no egg is released on your cycle. This method is a very effective way of preventing pregnancy.

In order for the egg to be fertilised, the sperm must travel through the female organs to the fallopian tube in order to meet the egg and fuse. This is a feat in itself because they have to swim over a long distance and penetrate the egg. Millions of sperm are produced to have some chance of one sperm completing the journey. If you make this journey more difficult, then you reduce the chance of pregnancy and this is exactly what the pill does. It thickens the natural mucous that lines the neck of your womb so that it is a more viscous fluid meaning that the sperm have more trouble swimming through it.

Once an egg has been fertilised, there is still another task that it must complete in order for you to become pregnant. It must embed itself into the wall of the uterus and strongly attach in order to be successful. The uterus wall thickens just before ovulation to allow the egg the best possible chance of this attachment. The pill prevents this thickening from happening and makes the wall as thin as possible so that it is very difficult for the egg to take hold.

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