How do you use Mercilon?

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In order to be protected from pregnancy, you must take the pill correctly. The pill works by maintaining a constant level of hormones entering your body during crucial stages of your menstrual cycle so if you disrupt this flow, you increase the risk of pregnancy.

Mercilon is a 21-day pill so you do not take a contraceptive pill every day of your cycle. Each strip contains 21 pills that are contained in bubbles. You need to start taking the pills by taking the first pill that corresponds to the day of the week you are on. You then take a pill every day until you have finished the strip by following the arrows on the pack. The calendar on the strips helps you to remember if you have taken the pill for the day. You must take the pill at the same time every day in order for it to be effective. Many women choose a time where they are most likely to remember to take the pill such as when they clean their teeth in the morning. Set an alarm if it helps to remember the time to take the pill.

After you have finished a strip, you take a seven-day break. During this time you do not take any pills and the break in the hormone flow will allow your uterus wall to break down and you will experience a withdrawal bleed. This is very similar to a period but it will usually be shorter and lighter. When it has been exactly a week since you stopped taking the pill, so on the eighth pill free day, you need to start a new strip. The worst time to miss a pill is in the first week of the strip so make sure that you start your new strip on time, even if you are still experiencing a withdrawal bleed.

When you first start to use Mercilon, you should start taking the pill on the first day of your period. This will ensure that you are immediately protected from pregnancy. You can start in the next five days of your period but you will not be protected from pregnancy and will need to use an additional method of contraception.

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