How Does Mercilon Prevent Pregnancy?

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Most contraceptive pills use the same three mechanisms to protect against pregnancy and Mercilon uses these three ways. It is the fact that the pill uses more than one method to prevent pregnancy that makes the contraceptive pill so effective when used correctly.

The main mechanism to stop pregnancy is to stop an egg from being released. This is the most effective way to stop you from becoming from pregnant because if there is no egg released, there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise. Usually, your body will release one egg a month and this process occurs due to fluctuations in oestrogen and progestogen. The pill causes these hormones to remain constant in the body so that it thinks that you have already ovulated. Therefore, no egg will be released during your menstrual cycle so there is very little chance of you becoming pregnant. However, if you miss a pill, you will disrupt the flow of these hormones and increase your risk of pregnancy.

The pill also works by reducing the chance of sperm reaching the egg. The journey for the sperm is quite difficult because they have to swim a long way to find the egg to fertilise. Therefore, a male will produce millions of sperm to have the best possible chance of fertilizing an egg. The pill makes this journey much more difficult because it thickens the mucous fluid in the vagina. This fluid is a naturally occurring substance that helps to keep the vagina and neck of the womb clean. If this substance becomes more viscous, it is very difficult for the sperm to swim through it and there is less chance of them reaching an egg.

Finally, the pill will also prevent a fertilised egg from leading to a successful pregnancy. In order for your foetus to grow, the egg has to first attach itself to the wall of the uterus. The uterus helps this attachment because it thickens when an egg is released to make it easier for the egg to implant. The pill will decrease the chance of the egg embedding into the uterus wall by thinning out the uterus lining as much as possible, making it a much more difficult process.

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