How does Brevinor Work?

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Like most combined contraceptives, Brevinor has three very effective ways of preventing pregnancy.  When you combine all three methods, there is a less than 1% chance of becoming pregnant if you use the pill correctly. The majority of cases where women have gotten pregnant whilst being on Brevinor has been due to incorrect use of the pill or use of medications that have rendered the pill ineffective.

Every month, your body undergoes ovulation whereby an egg is released from a follicle from the ovary into the fallopian tube in the hope of meeting sperm in order to be fertilised. Oestrogen and progestogen are two hormones that differ in levels throughout the month and prepare the body for the egg release and anticipate pregnancy. If you add a continuous stream of these hormones into your blood, you can trick the body into thinking it has already ovulated. Only one egg is released a month, so your body will actually not release any eggs. Therefore, if there is no egg to fertilise, you will not get pregnant.

The sperm have to be able to reach the egg in order to fertilise it. This is quite a daunting task when you think about how far they have to swim in order to find the egg and fertilise it. If you added an additional barrier in between the sperm and the egg, they would find it even more difficult. This is essentially what the second mechanism does. It creates a mucous plug by thickening the vaginal fluid around the vaginal opening, making a thicker fluid for the sperm to swim through. This mechanism also has the added bonus of protecting you from pelvic inflammatory disease as it stops the bacteria that cause it from entering the area. However, it will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

It also thins the uterus lining to stop an egg from embedding into it once it has been fertilised. This is an extra precaution that the combined contraceptive pill offers because if an egg does get released and the sperm get through the mucous plug and manage to fertilise the egg, the embryo will then have trouble trying to attach to the uterus wall and will not be able to develop. This is also the mechanism that is used to help control heavy bleeding. The uterus lining is what breaks down during a period and if you thin this out, you will get less blood lost so your period will be lighter.

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