How to Take Brevinor

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Brevinor is taken for 21 days of your cycle and then there are 7 days where you don’t take a pill. The best time to start taking Brevinor is on the first day of your period. Take the first strip and choose the pill that corresponds to the day of the week that you are on. Make sure you take the pill every day at the same time so choose a time that is the most convenient to you. Some women like to work it into their daily routine so that they don’t forget when to take it. The pill is most effective if it is taken at the same time every day.

When you come to the end of your strip, you need to take a seven-day break where you do not take any pills. You will experience a withdrawal bleed during this time, which is similar to that of a period except it will usually be lighter and shorter. Exactly one week later, so on the eighth pill free day, you need to start a new strip. You must start on the correct day and it is important that you don’t have any longer than seven pill free days otherwise the pill will not be as effective. You must take the pill regardless of whether you are still bleeding.

Brevinor is most effective if you start taking it on the first day of your period. However, you can start taking it on any day up to five days after your period starts. The same principles apply except this time you will not be protected from pregnancy straight away and you must use additional contraception for at least seven days.

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