How does Cerazette Work?

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The main way in which Cerazette works is by preventing the sperm from entering the womb so that fertilization cannot take place. It does this by thickening the mucous lining that surrounds the vaginal opening. This is usually there to keep the area clean and protect against some bacterial infections. Cerazette causes this mucous to thicken so that it becomes a more viscous barrier. Therefore, when the sperm try to enter, they find it very difficult to move through this fluid, which means that their chances of reaching the fallopian tube are greatly reduced.

It also alters the uterus lining so that if an egg does become fertilised, it will have trouble embedding itself into the uterus lining. For an embryo to grow, it must be able to attach to the uterus wall, as it will die if it cannot embed. Therefore, the uterus lining thickens in anticipation of this attachment after ovulation. If you make this lining thinner than usual, it is a lot more difficult for the egg to attach to the wall and it is usually unsuccessful. Therefore you do not become pregnant.

Most contraceptive pills work by stopping an egg from being released from the follicle in the ovary. They do this by tricking the body into thinking that it has already ovulated as the pill changes the levels of hormones involved in egg release. If your body thinks you have already ovulated, you will not release another egg and you cannot become pregnant. However, the progestogen only pill can sometimes but not always prevent the egg from being released. This is what makes the mini pill less effective than combined contraceptive pills.  Cerazette is one of the most effective mini pills available as its dose is high enough to stop an egg from being released more often than not.

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