Who Can Take Cerazette?

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If you have certain medical conditions or environmental factors such as smoking, you may not be able to take Cerazette. As with any contraceptive pill, there is a chance of increasing the risk of certain cancers and blood circulatory problems so if you have any conditions or factors that could increase your risk, you will not be suitable for Cerazette.

Who is unsuitable?

If you have ever had a blood clot in the legs or the lungs, have had cancer, have experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding, have had jaundice or liver problems or have a defective liver you will not be suitable for the pill. Cerazette may aggravate any of these conditions and have an adverse effect on your health. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you will need to look at finding another method of contraception.

Using Cerazette with caution

You should be able to take Cerazette with the following medical conditions, as long as you have regular check ups and make sure that you report any adverse side effects as the pill could potentially make the conditions worse.  You will be placed under close observation if you have had breast cancer before, have diabetes, have had liver cancer, have high blood pressure, suffer from epilepsy, have tuberculosis or have Chloasma.

You will need to have regular checkups with your doctor, as they will need to closely monitor your progress with the pill during any of these conditions. You may need to have a physical exam of your breasts and you must attend any smear tests, as they are the best way to diagnose cervical cancer early on in its development. If your condition becomes worse during the use of the pill, you will need to tell the doctor and it may be too much of a risk to your health for you to continue using Cerazette.

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