How does Dianette work?

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Primarily, Dianette is used to treat skin conditions and excessive hair growth. This will be the main reason that you are prescribed this contraceptive pill, not the fact that you are looking for a method of contraception.  Once Dianette has improved your skin condition, you will be taken off Dianette, which means you will need to use another brand of pill for contraceptive purposes.

The body naturally produces androgens that circulate in the body and bind to specific receptors. The androgens can bind to sebaceous glands and stimulate them to produce sebum. If you are sensitive to androgens or if you produce too many, this causes an increase in the production of sebum from these glands. This excess production can block the sebaceous glands, meaning that they become inflamed and you develop spots or infections at these points. The increased production of androgens can also cause excessive hair growth. The anti-androgen in Dianette can bind to the receptors so that androgens can’t bind and stimulate therefore you do not get over production of Sebum and your skin becomes less greasy. It can take a few months for these results to take effect, but Dianette is very effective at treating skin conditions.

Dianette is also a contraceptive pill because it contains the hormone oestrogen. The derivative that is used for an anti-androgen is also a progestogen derivative so the pill basically contains the same amount of hormones needed to prevent pregnancy. It does this in three main ways. The constant levels of hormones running through the body are similar to those produced at different stages of your menstrual cycle. If you have a constant flow of these hormones, you can trick your body into believing that it has already ovulated. By doing so, the ovaries will not produce an egg because only one egg is released per month and your body believes it has already done so. Therefore, there is no egg for the sperm to fertilise so you are highly unlikely to get pregnant.

The pill also thickens the vaginal fluid at the opening of your vagina, making a thicker viscous fluid for the sperm to swim through. This makes the journey to the egg much more difficult and reduces the number of sperm that get to the fallopian tube because they cannot swim easily through the mucous lining. Dianette will also thin the uterus lining so that in the rare occurrence that an egg does get fertilised, it cannot embed into the uterus wall because the lining is too thin.

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