How does Femulen work?

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Like all progestogen only pills, Femulen works by two main mechanisms. The progestogen in the pill affects the mucous lining that is around the inside of the vaginal opening. This mucous is a natural part of the vagina and helps to keep the area clean and healthy. Femulen acts upon this mucous by making it a much thicker substance. This means that when sperm enter, they have to swim through a much more viscous fluid than before and this makes the process of reaching the egg very difficult. The majority of sperm do not reach the fallopian tubes under normal circumstances and by adding this extra barrier there is less chance of the sperm fertilizing the egg.

Femulen also acts upon the uterus wall. The uterus lining is built up around the time of ovulation in anticipation of fertilization. Once an egg has been fertilised, it needs to implant into the uterus wall in order to grow into a foetus. It is a lot easier for the egg to do so if the uterus wall is thick. However, the pill thins out this uterus lining so that it is more difficult for an egg to attach even if it did get fertilised.

The major difference between the Femulen and the combined contraceptive pill is that Femulen does not always stop an egg from being released. Most contraceptive pills can make the body think that it has already ovulated and therefore eggs are not released every month, meaning you cannot get pregnant. However, the progestogen only pill cannot always prevent an egg from being released as it only sometimes works. This is what makes this form of contraceptive pill a little less effective than the combined contraceptive pills.

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