Using Femulen

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You must take Femulen every day in order for it to protect you from pregnancy and this means that you will be taking a pill throughout your period unlike he 21-day pills. You should start taking the progestogen only pill on the first day of your period and take one pill a day every day by following the arrows on the strip.  The pill must be taken at the same time every day, otherwise it will not fully protect you from pregnancy. If you take the pill more than 3 hours late, it will not prevent pregnancy.  Therefore, pick a convenient time in which to take the pill. Some women work it into daily routine or set alarms to remind themselves to take it.

You will need to use additional contraception for the first seven days of using the progestogen only pill as it will not be immediately effective and if you have unprotected sex in the first week of use there is a chance you could fall pregnant.

You should work your way around the strip following the arrows provided. Once you have finished the strip, start the next strip immediately, ensuring that you take one pill a day.  You will have a period during the use of the pill and it will not be as regulated as the combined contraceptive pill would be. Your periods are more than likely going to be quite variable with irregular periods, bleeding in between periods and in some cases, no bleeding at all. It is a good idea to record what your period pattern is like so that the doctor can make sure everything is ok at your next check up. If you have no period at all but you have been taking the pill correctly, it is unlikely that you will be pregnant.

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