How does Marvelon Work?

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Marvelon works like the majority of other contraceptive pills. The hormones contained within it are derivatives of natural hormones found within the body. These hormones are primarily responsible for controlling you menstrual cycle. During a normal month, these levels will rise and fall to control the release of an egg from the uterus and prepare your womb for pregnancy. When this does not occur, you experience due to a break down of the uterus lining. The whole process is repeated every month.

The pill causes a constant level of these hormones in the bloodstream so it can affect the processes in this cycle. The pill works by preventing an egg from being released. It does so by tricking your body into thinking that it has already ovulated by the constant level of hormones it delivers. As only one egg is released per month, no egg will be released during this time and therefore there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise.

It also prevents pregnancy by stopping the sperm from reaching the egg. There is a lining of vaginal fluid around the neck of the womb, which protects the vagina and keeps it healthy. The pill acts upon this fluid and makes it become a more viscous substance so that it is very difficult for the sperm to swim through. As the sperm have quite a journey to make in the first place, this additional barrier greatly reduces the chance of any reaching the fallopian tube ready for fertilization.

The final mechanism the pill uses is thinning of the uterus wall. In the event that an egg was released and a sperm made it through the fluid to fertilise the egg, the pill still has one more way of preventing pregnancy. In order to be successful, the egg must implant itself into the uterus lining so that it can grow. It needs the wall to be thick in order for it to take hold. The pill makes this lining a lot thinner than usual so this causes difficulty for the egg to form this attachment.

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