Taking Marvelon

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It is important that you use Marvelon correctly in order to prevent pregnancy. Listen to your doctor’s advice and follow the instructions below in order to ensure that the pill has maximum success.

Marvelon comes in strips of 21 pills per time and you will need one of these strips per cycle. Take the first pill out of the bubble that matches with the correct day of the week that you are taking it on. Then proceed to take one pill, every day at the same time for 21 days. It is important that you take the pill at the same time because if you do not do so it will not be as effective. Most women choose to take the pill in the morning or late at night at a time where they are most likely going to be at home to remember. It is advised that you work the pill into a daily routine or set an alarm so that you don’t forget.

Follow the pills round in the direction of the arrow. When you have finished the strip, you will need to take a seven-day break. During this time you do not take any pills and you will experience a withdrawal bleed. This resembles a lighter, shorter version of a period. Once you have finished the seven-day break, you must start the next strip. This means that you will be starting the next strip on the eighth pill free day, exactly one week since you finished the last strip. If you start any later, you will not be protected from pregnancy so start the next strip on time regardless of whether you are still bleeding.

When using Marvelon for the first time, it is best to start on the first day of your period. This will guarantee you immediate protection from pregnancy. You can start on any of the days up to day five of your period but you will not get immediate protection so you will need to use an additional form of contraception for the next seven days to allow your body to get used to the new cycle.

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