How to take Cilest

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Cilest is a 21-day pill, which means that it comes in strips, each containing 21 days worth of pills. When starting Cilest, you should start either on the first day of your period or in the 5 days after this time. This is the best time to start the cycle because Cilest with provide immediate protection against pregnancy. You should take the pill from the bubble that corresponds to the day of the week you are on and then take a pill every day at the same time, following the arrows of the pack until you have finished all 21 of the pills. It is important that you take them at the same time every day as this will make Cilest the most effective it can be in preventing pregnancy.

Although it is recommended, you do not have to start on the first day of your period or the following few days. You can start any where in your cycle but you will not be immediately protected from pregnancy as your body could already be in the process of ovulating so you need to use additional contraception for the seven days after you starting taking the pill.

Once you have completed the 21 pills, you will then have a seven-day period in which you do not take any pills. During this time, you will experience a withdrawal bleed, which will be like a period although it will not be as heavy or last for as long. After seven pill free days, you need to start the next strip on the eighth pill free day. You must remember to start the new pack because if you leave the pill free break any longer, the pill will not be effective. The first pill out of the pack is the worst pill to miss in terms of lowering the pills success rate.

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