How to Take Microgynon 30

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Microgynon 30 must be taken correctly, in order to protect you from pregnancy. It works by maintaining a constant high level of the two hormones oestrogen and progestogen into your blood steam so if you disrupt this flow; you increase the risk of pregnancy.

Each strip of Microgynon 30 contains 21 pills for one cycle. Each pill is contained within a bubble with a day of the week written above it. Take the first pill that corresponds to the day of the week that you are on. You then proceed to take a pill every day at the same time every day until you have completed the pack. Follow the arrows round and use the days to check that you have not missed a pill. It is important to take the pill at the same time every day in order for it to be effective so set an alarm to help you remember.

When you have finished the strip of pills, you then need to take a seven-day break. During this time, you do not take any pills. This stops the constant flow of hormones and allows your body to have a withdrawal bleed at the correct time of the cycle. A withdrawal bleed is very much like a period but it is usually lighter, shorter and less painful. When you have had one week of pill free days, so on the eighth pill free day, start a new strip of Microgynon 30. It is important that you start the strip on the correct day or else you will not be protected from pregnancy.  Start the strip regardless of whether you are still experiencing a withdrawal bleed.

When starting the pill for the first time, you should start it on the first day of your period. If you do so, you will have immediate protection from pregnancy. You do not have to start this pill on the first day of your period but if you choose any other day to start, you will not be protected from pregnancy straight away and you will need to use additional method of contraception for seven days whilst your body gets used to the new cycle.

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