How to Take Qlaira

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Qlaira must be taken correctly in order for it to be effective. It is unlike other combined contraceptive pills because you take a pill every day. Each pill has different levels of the hormones to control the menstrual cycle and you must take the pills in the correct order.

This form of pill arrives in a wallet that contains 28 pills. 26 of these pills contain active ingredients. When you start the pill, you need to prepare the wallet so that you can keep track of what pills you have taken. Take the sticker strip that corresponds to the day of the week you are going to start the pill on and stick it to the wallet above the pill marked one. You can then take a pill every day at the same time by making sure you have taken the pill on the correct day. Follow the arrows around, taking the pills. It is important that you take the pills at the correct time in order for the pill to be effective so pick a convenient time and set an alarm to remind yourself. When you have finished the first wallet, start a new pack instantly. Do not have a pill free break and you will experience your withdrawal bleed when you start the dark red tablets.

When starting the pill for the first time, you need to start taking the contraceptive pill on the first day of your period. This should provide you with immediate protection. If you start later than this, you will need additional contraception for 9 days.

Forgetting a pill

Forgetting to take a pill from Qlaira is more complicated than other pills due to the differences in hormones between the packs. Missing a pill will increase your risk of pregnancy and this risk will depend on which pills you have missed and how many you have forgotten to take.

If you missed the inactive pills, you will still be protected from pregnancy so just disregard the pill you missed. If you missed more than one of the coloured pills or you forgot to start a new wallet at the correct time, contact your doctor immediately. If you have forgotten to take the pills in the days 3-14, there is a higher risk that you will be pregnant.

If you missed one of the coloured pills in the days 1-9 and you have not had sex in this time, take the missed pills and continue the pack as normal but use additional contraception for the next 9 days. If you did have sexual intercourse in this time, contact your doctor. If you have missed one coloured pill in the days 10-17, take the missed pill as soon as possible and use additional contraception for the next 9 days. However, if you missed one coloured pill in the 18-24 days, do not take the missed pill. Start a new wallet instead and use additional contraception for the next 9 days.  If you miss the one pill out of days 25-26, you need to take it as soon as possible but you will not need to use additional contraception.

If you are unsure about what to do, contact your doctor who can advise you. If you have had unprotected sex during the time in which you missed pills, contact your doctor immediately.

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