Qlaira and Pregnancy

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You should not use Qlaira if you are pregnant. If you think that you might be pregnant, you need to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible and talk to your doctor. If you are pregnant, you need to stop taking Qlaira and talk to your doctor as soon as you can.

If you want to try for a baby, you need to stop taking Qlaira. You can do so at any time by simply stopping your pill cycle. The pill will not affect your fertility levels, although it may take a couple of cycles before your period returns to normal. It is best to wait until you have had a regular period before you get pregnant because the doctor can then work out your due date from your last period. However, this is not essential.

If you have just had a baby and are breast-feeding, you are advised against using Qlaira. The pill contains oestrogen, which can reduce your milk flow so that you may not produce a substantial amount to feed your child. Also, the pill can be passed on to your child through your milk and although adverse effects have not been found, the evidence is not conclusive. You should wait until you have stopped breast-feeding your child to start Qlaira and use other contraception that will not affect your milk production in the meantime. Speak to your doctor for more advice on the situation.

If you have had a baby and are not breast-feeding, you can use Qlaira. You must be fully mobile in order to do so. You can start using the pill 21-28 days after you have given birth. This will provide you with immediate protection. If you decide to use Qlaira any time later than this, you will also need to use additional contraception for 9 days, as you will not be protected from pregnancy.

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