Reducing Qlaira’s Effectiveness

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Qlaira is 99% effective if used correctly. However, if you do not use it correctly, you increase the risk of pregnancy. If you miss pills, forget to take them at the correct time or have a pill free break, you will not be protected from pregnancy. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully so you have the best possible protection that the pill can provide.

Some medications can also affect the pill.  If you are using medication to treat epilepsy, HIV or Tuberculosis, they may render the pill ineffective. These forms of medications can also cause vaginal bleeding when used in conjunction with the pill. Other antibiotics such as penicillin and tetracyclines can also have a similar effect. Anti-fungals can stop the pill from working properly. It is not just prescribed medications that can affect the pill as some herbal remedies; such as St Johns wort can stop the pill from working. Therefore, mention any medications that you are using to your doctor so that they can make sure your pill will not be effective.

If you vomit or have severe diarrhoea, you may not be protected from pregnancy. The hormones in the pill may not have fully absorbed into the bloodstream. You need to treat it as if you have missed a pill and try and take another pill as soon as possible within 12 hours. However, if you keep throwing up or this is not possible, follow the instructions for a missed pill. You will need to use additional contraception for the duration of your illness and for 9 days after you have recovered.

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