Risks of Brevinor

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There are a few risks that have been associated with the pill. The main two areas involved are cancers and problems with the circulatory system. Using the pill may slightly increase your risk of getting blood clots or breast cancer. However, these are rare in women under the age of 40 and the risk is usually higher if a number of other factors are involved such as age, obesity or a history of the disorders.

There is a slight increase in the risk of getting breast cancer if you are on the pill. It has been found that breast cancer occurs slightly more often in women on the pill than in women who are not but it is less likely to spread throughout the body in women on the pill. The risk of breast cancer decreases ten years after you stop taking the pill, back to the same level as women who have not used this method of contraception. The risk of cancer in general increases with age, so if you are older and using the pill, you will be more at risk of getting breast cancer. Women over the age of 40 are not usually prescribed Brevinor for this reason.

The other increased risk is blood circulatory problems. Oestrogen increases the chance of your blood clotting so there is a chance that you could experience a blood clot. These can happen in any blood vessel and are called deep vein thrombosis if they occur in the leg veins. They can block the blood vessel, which causes pain in the area. A deep vein thrombosis is potentially fatal if it breaks off and travels to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

The blood clots can also form in the coronary arteries or the blood vessels that supply the brain. If they block the vessels here, they are restricting blood flow to the two major organs that need it the most. If the blood flow is completely cut off to either of these two areas you will suffer a heart attack or stroke.  The chance of getting a blood clot whilst on Brevinor is highest in the first year of taking the contraception.

Other factors can increase the risk of a blood clot such as smoking or high cholesterol so if you smoke of have high cholesterol; it is unlikely that you will be prescribed Brevinor. If you are given the contraceptive pill, you will need to attend regular check ups to make sure it is not having adverse effects.

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