Missing a Brevinor Pill

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If you miss a pill, you may not be protected from pregnancy. It all depends on when you miss the pill and how many pills you miss. In the case of Brevinor, if you are more than twelve hours late in taking one or more pills, you are not going to be protected from pregnancy as you have disrupted the continuous flow of hormones.

If you miss one pill, you should take the pill you have missed immediately and then continue as normal with the rest of the pack. Some brands of pill allow you to miss one pill and still be protected from pregnancy. This is not the case with Brevinor, as you will not be protected from pregnancy if you miss one pill. Therefore you will need to use additional contraception for the next seven days.

If you miss more than one pill, do not take all the ones you have missed. Just take the last missed pill and continue with the rest of the pack. You will need additional contraception for seven days.

If you do miss any pills and have unprotected sex in this time, there is a chance that you could be pregnant. You are advised to get the emergency contraceptive pill and talk to your doctor immediately. Forgetting a pill is the main cause of pregnancy whist using Brevinor.

If you forget a pill and there are less than seven days left in the pack, you must finish the pack and start the next strip immediately thereby missing out a withdrawal bleed. You may experience some bleeding throughout the next strip but this is perfectly normal. Make sure you start the next strip straight away and don’t take a break.

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