Side Effects of Noriday

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There are some side effects that have been associated with the contraceptive pill. There are always side effects with any type of medication and some are more common than others. The majority of the women that take Noriday, do not experience any side effects although there have been some reported cases. If you experience any of the serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately as they may be indicative of an underlying health condition.

There are a number of common side effects that are associated with Noriday. There is a chance that the pill may make you feel nauseous or cause a stomach upset. Other side effects include, changes in appetite, weight fluctuations, rashes, high blood pressure, tender breasts or headaches. If the headaches are severe or you experience a severe migraine, contact your doctor immediately. The pill may also change your sex drive, make you feel nervous or sometimes depressed.

If you experience any of the following side effects, you must seek medical attention immediately as they could be signs of complications and they can be life threatening. If you have trouble breathing, chest pains, leg pains, swelling of the limbs, problems with your speech or vision or very long headaches contact your doctor. Also, you should seek medical advice if you become dizzy or faint of if some of your limbs go numb.

Risks of Noriday

There are some associated risks with this form of the contraceptive pill. It is a progestogen only pill so if you do fall pregnant using it, there is a higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. There is also a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer.

If you do become pregnant whilst using the pill stop using it immediately. There is an increase in the number of ectopic pregnancies if you were using the pill and this can be life threatening. This form of pregnancy is where the egg attaches outside of the womb and begins to grow. However, the baby is not in the right environment develop to full term and if this happens in the fallopian tube, the foetus can rupture the tube and cause excessive blood loss which can be fatal. If an ectopic pregnancy is found in time, measures can be taken to prevent this from posing a threat to your health.

There is a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer. It is a rare disease in women under the age of 40 but the risk does increase with age. If you take the pill, you have a slightly higher risk of having breast cancer than women who don’t use the pill. However, your risk will increase quite significantly, depending on when you stop using the pill. If you are using the pill up to the age of 40, there is a higher risk of breast cancer than if you stopped using the pill at 30. Your risk of breast cancer also increases if you have a close family member that has had the disease or you are severely overweight.

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