Suitability of Micronor

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Most women are able to take the progestogen only pill. Oestrogen is the main reason why a number of women with certain medical conditions should not take the pill. As Micronor does not contain oestrogen, a lot more women can use it without putting their health at risk. If you are not tolerant of oestrogen, you will most likely be prescribed the progestogen only pill. If you are of general good health and under the age of40, you will most likely be able to use Micronor.

If you have or have ever had breast cancer, you will not be prescribed the pill, there are links between Micronor and an increased risk in the disease so it is not suitable for you to use. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you should not use Micronor. If you have an allergic reaction whilst using the pill, contact your doctor immediately and seek medical attention.

There are some conditions that Micronor can aggravate. It means that you may be less suitable for the pill than other women as there is a risk of your illness becoming worse but you should be able to use the pill with caution. If you have blood problems such as porphyrias, you must be careful when using this pill. Also if you have liver problems, have ever had a stroke or have systemic lupus erthematosus, you will need to attend regular checkups. These checkups will ensure that the pill is not causing any adverse effects on your health and that you can continue using this method of contraception.

If you notice that your condition is getting worse or you experience any of these conditions for the first time then contact your doctor immediately. They can then decide the best course of action, which may mean switching to another form of contraception.

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