Taking Micronor

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Micronor is a pill that you must take every day in order for it to be effective. If you miss a pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy. Each strip contains 28 pills so each strip represents your menstrual cycle. You need to take a pill every day at the same time each day. It is very important that you take the pill at the same time because if it is more than 3 hours late, you will not be protected from pregnancy.

Start the pack by taking the pill that corresponds to the day of the week that you are on. Then proceed to take a pill every day, following the direction of the arrows at the same time every day. When you first start using the pill, pick a time that is convenient for you so you will always remember to take it. Set an alarm or work it into a daily routine so you do not forget. When you have finished the first strip, move straight onto the next strip. Do not have any pill free days.

When you first use Micronor, start on the first day of your period or any day from the next 5 days of this time. This will ensure that you have immediate protection from pregnancy. You should always start the pill during this time.

Forgetting a pill

If you have forgotten to take Micronor, you have a three-hour gap in which to take it. If you are less than three hours late to take the pill, take the pill immediately and continue with the pack. You should still be protected from pregnancy. However, if the pill is more than three hours late or you have missed more than one pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy. Take the last missed pill straight away and disregard any earlier ones. Take the next pill at the correct time and continue with the pill as normal. You will need to use additional protection for the next two days. If you have had unprotected sex whilst you missed the pill, you may be pregnant so contact your doctor immediately for advice.

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