Who is Suitable for Microgynon 30?

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Microgynon 30 increases the levels of oestrogen and progestogen in your body. For most women, this level does not affect them in the slightest but if you have a medical illness, there is a chance that the pill can aggravate it. Therefore, some women are not suitable for Microgynon 30 as the pill may pose too much risk to your health. Generally, if you are under the age of 30 and of good health, you should be able to use the contraceptive pill.

You should not use Microgynon 30 if you have ever had any type of hormonal cancer. These include breast cancer, cancer of the womb or cancer of the ovary. The pill has been linked to increasing the risk of some cancers so if you have a history of the disease you are not suitable. Also, the pill can increase the risk of blood clotting problems so you should not use it if you have a history of blood disease, have ever had a heart attack or stroke, have high blood pressure or have diabetes that affects the blood vessels. You are not suitable for the pill if you have migraines with aura, liver disease, liver tumours or if you are likely to have an allergic reaction to the ingredients.

The pill has been known to aggravate some conditions. It does not always do this so if you have any of the following medical conditions, you can use the pill with caution. If a doctor has prescribed you Microgynon 30 with caution, you must attend regular check ups to ensure that the pill is not having an adverse effect on your health. You can use the pill with caution if you have diabetes, porphyrias, family history of blood problems, pancreatitis, high levels of fat, migraines or if you are overweight. Also, if you have had illnesses that have worsened whilst you were pregnant, you will be put under close observation whilst using the pill.

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