Taking Trinovum

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As there are varying levels in Trinovum, the pill must be taken in the correct order. It is a 21-day pill and if it is not used correctly, you run the risk of falling pregnant. If you are unsure on how to use the contraceptive pill, seek advice from your doctor.

Start by taking a white pill that has the day of the week printed above it that corresponds to the day of the week you are on. Follow the arrows so you know which pills to take and until you have finished the white pills by taking one every day. Then proceed to do the same with the light peach and then the peach coloured pills. Make sure you take the correct pill on the day that corresponds to the day of the week. It is important that you take all the white pills first, then the light peach and finally the peach.

Take one pill every day at the same time every day. You should set an alarm to remind you to do so because if a pill is late, it will not be as effective at preventing pregnancy. When you have finished all the pills in your strip, you can then have seven pill free days. During this time, you do not take any pills and you will experience a shorter version of a period. When you reach the eighth pill free day, you need to start a new strip. Make sure you start at this time and not any later as you will not be protected from pregnancy so start regardless of whether you are still having a withdrawal bleed.

If you are using the pill for the first time, you should start the strip on the first day of your period or in the following four days after this day. This should give you immediate protection from pregnancy. If you decide to start at any other time you need to use additional contraception for seven days to allow your body to adjust to the pill.

Missing a pill

If you forget to take a pill, it can result in pregnancy. The levels of hormones are disrupted and an egg could be released. The risk of pregnancy increases depending on how many pills you have missed. If you missed one pill, take that pill as soon as you notice and continue on with the rest of the pack, taking the ills on time. This may mean that you have to take two pills in one day but this will not have any adverse effects. You should be protected from pregnancy in this case.

However, if you miss two or more pills, you may not be protected from pregnancy. Take the last missed pill and leave any earlier pills. Continue with the rest of the pack at the usual time bur you will need to use additional contraception for the next seven days. You also need to check how many pills are left in the pack. If there are more than seven pills left, follow the instructions above and have your pill free break at the end of the strip. If you have less than seven left until the end of the pack, follow the instructions above but when you come to the end of the strip, start a new strip straight away and miss a withdrawal bleed.

If you have had unprotected sex during this time, there is a chance you may be pregnant so contact your doctor for advice. Also, if you miss a withdrawal bleed because you have less than seven pills left and then do not experience a withdrawal bleed at the end of the second strip, contact your doctor immediately.

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