Who Can Use Trinovum?

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Some women should not use Trinovum because the contraceptive pill is not suitable for everyone. There is a chance that the pill can aggravate some illnesses and sometimes it is not safe to use the contraceptive pill. Your doctor will decide whether you are suitable for the pill or whether it poses too much of a threat to your health.

You should not use Trinovum if you have any of the following conditions. If you have or have had any cancers of the breast, liver, womb, cervix or vagina, have had a heart attack or a stroke then you are unsuitable for Trinovum. You also shouldn’t use the pill if you have blood clots, have severe migraines, are immobile, have diabetes with complications or have systemic lupus erthematosus. You are not suitable for the pill if you are allergic to any its contents.

Sometimes, you can use the pill as long as you are careful. The pill may or may not aggravate certain conditions so you will need to be monitored closely if you have any of the illnesses listed below. If your condition is aggravated or you experience any of the conditions for the first time, you need to tell your doctor and you may not be able to use Trinovum. You can use the pill with caution if you have gallstones, high blood pressure, chloasma, pruritis, diabetes, poryphryia or a history of migraines. Also, if you had any illnesses appear with pregnancy and they appear again whilst using the pill, you may have to find another method of contraception.

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