Who Can Take Brevinor?

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Not everyone can take Brevinor as a method of contraception. Most women are able to but there are certain medical conditions that mean you are not suitable for the contraceptive pill as it can be a risk to your health. There are a number of risk factors that are associated with the contraceptive pill and these risks increase with certain conditions so you will not be suitable for Brevinor and will be offered a different form of contraception.

Who is unsuitable?

The two major risks of the pill are blood clots and cancers so if you have a history of blood clots in the leg or in the coronary arteries you will not be allowed to take Brevinor. The pill makes the blood clot more so can aggravate these conditions, which can lead to life threatening conditions such as heart attacks or strokes. If you have had a heart attack, cancers of the breast, cervix, womb or liver or jaundice you are unsuitable for the pill. If you experience migraines, have high cholesterol levels or experience unexplained vaginal bleeding you are also unsuitable.

If you have been pregnant before and experienced jaundice, itching of the whole body or a rash called pemphigoid gestationis, the pill could have adverse effects on your health. Also, some lifestyle factors such as age, smoking or obesity can increase the risks associated with the pill so you may not be suitable especially if you are over the age of 35 and smoke.

Using Brevinor with caution

Some conditions can potentially be aggravated when using the pill but you should be able to use Brevinor if you attend regular check ups to make sure any conditions haven’t appeared, your blood pressure hasn’t risen and you don’t have any lumps in your breasts. You are also required to do a regular smear test, which you must attend to ensure that you cervix is healthy.

If you have migraines frequently, epilepsy, diabetes or asthma, you must tell your doctor if the pill is aggravating them because the pill can cause fluid retention, which can aggravate these conditions and lead to complications.

The pill may cause the following conditions to become aggravated or to appear for the first time. If you have never experienced them before or you feel that the symptoms are worse, you must tell your doctor, who may make you stop using Brevinor.

If you have multiple sclerosis, liver problems, gallstones, sickle cell anaemia, disease of the heart and blood vessels, poryphryia, fibroids in the uterus, kidney disease, migraines, diabetes, high blood pressure, otosclerosis, chloasma or varicose veins and they appear to be getting worse since starting Brevinor, tell your doctor immediately.

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