Who can Take Femulen?

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Femulen can affect some women more than others and may not be suitable for women who have certain medical conditions. The pill can aggravate some illnesses and can increase the risk of some diseases so if you have ever had some of the diseases it can increase the risk of, you will not be suitable for Femulen.

Who is unsuitable?

Your doctor needs to know if you have had or have any of the following medical conditions because you will not be able to use Femulen if you have. The pill would pose too much of a risk to your health if you used this method of contraception so it is not prescribed to women with certain conditions.

If you have or have ever had cancers of the breast, womb, cervix or vagina. You will not be suitable for Femulen. The pill is linked to increasing the risk of certain cancers and it is not safe for you to use Femulen if you have already had some of these cancers. Also if you have any blood disorders such as sickle cell anaemia, inflamed veins, blood clots or have high fat levels in your blood, you should not use the pill. Other conditions that mean you can’t use Femulen are jaundice, liver problems, allergic reactions to the medication, vaginal bleeding or amenorrhea. 

Using Femulen with caution

Femulen can sometimes make some illnesses worse. It is ok to go on this type of contraception but you will need to be closely monitored to make sure that it is not having any adverse effects on your health. If any of your symptoms related to your illness become more pronounced or aggravated, you may have to change your method of contraception.

You can use Femulen if you attend regular check ups if you have epilepsy, depression, varicose veins, kidney problems, asthma, multiple sclerosis, tetany, poryphryia, otosclerosis, diabetes, gallstones or migraines. If your migraines become more severe or change your vision, you need to tell your doctor immediately.  Equally, if you have never experienced any of these conditions before but you do whilst using Femulen, contact your doctor for advice. If the pill affects your blood pressure you may have to switch to another form of contraception.

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