Morning After Pill Abroad

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The morning after pill is available abroad, although many people who are unsure about how to get it order it in advance and take it with them if they are going away for a long time.  You have to bear in mind that it may be find to access a doctor or a health centre especially over the weekend or during public holidays.  This is also true of the U.K., but it is possible that the country that you are visiting does not have emergency clinics etc. 

Within the European Union

The morning after pill is available in most E.U. countries and you ought not to find it too difficult to purchase.  You will have to pay for the pill and this will vary according to the country that you are in.  For example in France the pill will cost around the equivalent of £8, in Switzerland it will cost you considerably more, around £25. 

Outside of Europe

The further away you go, and the more cut off from up to date medicines, the less likely it is that you will be able to come by the morning after pill.  It can be bought in many countries, such as America, South Africa and Norway, however if you aren’t sure whether you will be able to get it or not, it would be a wise idea to take one with you in cases of emergency.  It is also the case that some countries will not provide the morning after pill due to religious belief, for example extreme Catholicism could view the pill as a sin as it is a form of contraceptive and thus of preventing life.  

If you are concerned about not being able to get hold of the morning after pill if it is necessary then for peace of mind it is worth taking one with you.  You can buy the pill in advance from pharmacies or online.  You ought not to do this as a normal contraceptive method, but instead possess it in cases of emergency. 

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