EllaOne – The New Morning After Pill

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EllaOne is a new morning after pill that has only been used recently within the UK.  It works in basically the same way as the traditional Levonelle morning after pill, but can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex, not just three. 

EllaOne is quite new, and all of its effects are as of yet unknown, but by boosting the amount of progesterone within the body, it works to prevent eggs from being released and from the womb lining being habitable. 

It is likely that if you are nearing the end of the morning after pills effective period, around three days after unprotected sex, then you will be offered EllaOne instead.  The efficiency is around the same as Levonelle, so there aren’t really any pros or cons to its use other than that it can still work after three days. 

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