Free Morning After Pill

Buy the Morning After Pill & Read the Guide

The morning after pill is available for free if you visit either a doctor, a GUM clinic, a family planning clinic or a walk in centre to obtain it.  Some pharmacies are part of an NHS backed scheme to make the morning after pill available to all those under 25 for free, however you would have to check this beforehand.  If you are under 16 then this is the only way for you to obtain the morning after pill.

Getting the morning after pill from the NHS won’t cost you a penny, and you will be given good medical advice from a qualified professional.  Your GP is the best place to go, as they will know your medical history and will be able to talk to you about the best course of action to take, what you ought to expect and contraception methods from then on. 

Maintaining Confidentiality

Your doctor will have taken an oath not to pass on information to anyone else regarding your health.  If you talk to them about the morning after pill there is no way that anyone else can find out.  This is true also of a pharmacist, although there you would be paying to buy the morning after pill. 

You will have to get the morning after pill yourself, no one else can get it for you.  This is so that the health professional can make sure that Levonelle is the right drug to give you, and that it will not harm you in any way.  You can get the morning after pill from many places, and ought to be able to get it as soon as you need to.

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