The Morning After Pill & Oral Contraceptives

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If you wish to take the morning after pill due to a missed contraceptive pill then you should continue to take the pill as usual.  If you have less than a weeks worth of pills to take before you have a break, then you ought to continue to take the pills instead, not having the 7 days break like usual.  The week after taking the morning after pill it would be prudent to use another form of contraceptive alongside your oral contraceptive, such as a condom or other barrier form. It is always best to get clear instructions from your GP or pharmacist.

You can take Levonelle even if you don’t take an oral contraceptive and despite of reactions to the hormone estrogen most commonly found in oral contraceptives such as the combined pill.  Even if your doctor has recommended you don’t use hormonal contraceptives, it is likely that you will be able to take the morning after pill.  This is best discussed with your GP or another healthcare professional. 

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