Morning After Pill at Boots, Tesco, Lloyds - Local Pharmacies

Buy the Morning After Pill & Read the Guide

You can get the morning after pill from most local pharmacies, including places such as boots and tesco.  This is fine, and you will get sound advice from a pharmacist regarding the morning after pills use and your options if it doesn’t work, however you will be charged for the pill.  Most pharmacies will place the cost of the morning after pill at £22 to £25.  Despite the different prices from pharmacies, the product is the same from all. 

Some pharmacies are part of a scheme backed by the NHS to offer the morning after pill free of charge to those under 25.  You will have to ask your pharmacy if they are part of this.

Buying the Morning After Pill at your Local Pharmacy

All pharmacies will offer complete confidentiality when you buy the pill even though some personal information will have to be disclosed.

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