The Morning After Pill & Sexually Transmitted Infections

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The morning after pill is no cure for any form of STD that you might have, and if you think that you have come into contact with someone who has an STD you must get checked out at a GUM clinic or by a doctor.  Many contraceptives do not protect you against sexually transmitted infections, so being tested on a regular basis is a good idea to promote good sexual health. 

If you have had unprotected sex then it is advisable to seek medical advice about STI’s and to get checked out.  This is especially essential if you do not know the person who you had sex with well, or if you believe that they may have an STI.

STI’s are not pleasant, and can have serious health implications leading, in some cases, to infertility.   Here are just a few STI’s and what they can do to you:

  • Herpes – this is a virus that can cause large warts to appear either on the genitals or around your mouth.  Once you have herpes you will always carry it. 
  • HIV/AIDS – a serious global problem that attacks your immune system leaving you prone to disease. 
  • Chlamydia – a bacterial infection, vaginal bleeding, pain, white discharge and painful sex are just a few of the symptoms although these might not even occur until you have been infected for years.  Eventually Chlamydia will lead to you being unable to have children.
  • Syphilis – large lesions on the skin and pink rashes, eventually this can lead to large swellings and severe nerve problems.  Sometimes the symptoms are slow to develop or fail to show until years have passed.

The only form of contraceptive that will protect you against sexually transmitted infections are the male and female condom, both are available from your family planning clinic or doctor.  It is good sexual health practise to regularly get checked for STI’s even if you are using such contraception and for your partner to also. 

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