Morning After Pill & Pregnancy

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The Morning After Pill is designed to prevent you from getting pregnant for up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, and only ought to be taken if pregnancy is undesired.  If you are already pregnant then the morning after pill will not affect this state, the egg will continue to grow upon your womb lining and your pregnancy will continue unless you take further measures to terminate it.

Sometimes the morning after pill does not work, although this is very uncommon, and you could still be pregnant despite taking the pill.  If this occurs then it is not known what the effect will be on your baby. 

The morning after pill will not work to prevent an ectopic pregnancy, one that occurs outside of the womb.  If this occurs then you will have to see your doctor, as an ectopic pregnancy can be potentially life threatening.  The signs that you have conceived an ectopic pregnancy can be quite slight, or might be similar to a very heavy or irregular period.  If you have any concerns then you ought to have a consultation with your GP to ensure that you are healthy.

Taking the Morning After Pill when Breastfeeding

There have been no harmful side effects for babies being breastfed when their mother takes the morning after pill.  It is possible that you will have a small amount of increased hormone within your breast milk, however this is very unlikely to cause any harm to your baby.  If you are concerned, however, then you can take the pill immediately after breastfeeding, this will ensure that as low a level of hormone as possible will be within your breast milk for your babys next feed.  If you are still not happy about doing this then you can bottle feed your child for the next 24 hours. 

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