Anhidrosis (Hypohidrosis)

Some people suffer from anhidrosis, a condition whereby you fail to produce sweat even when needed.  This is quite a rare disorder, although some people might find it occurs as a result of taking medication or when they have some form of illness.  Anhidrosis can be very dangerous, leading to cramping, nausea, even unconsciousness or death in extreme cases. 

Usually anhidrosis occurs in small, specific parts of the body, such as an area of scar tissue or a site where nerve damage has occurred.  The sweat glands in these areas have been damaged, preventing the skin from being able to perspire.  Anhidrosis with no skin damage, like secondary hyperhidrosis, is likely to coincide with an illness or medical problem.  In rare instances young people are born with a failure to produce sweat, causing real problems with over-heating.  They will need to be constantly monitored to ensure that they don’t get too hot, and if this does occur they are likely to be taken into hospital for treatment. 

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