Cost of Iontophoresis

The cost of your iontophoresis treatments will vary depending on the size of the problem area and the extent of your sweating.  If you are diagnosed with primary hyperhidrosis the treatment will be available on the NHS, including the initial treatments and, if these then prove successful, you will be encouraged to purchase one of the home kits in order to keep the treatments working.  It is important that you discuss the price of your treatment with your practitioner if you choose to have it performed privately.  This can be done during your consultation before you have the treatment. 

Iontophoresis Pros

  • Few risks
  • Good success rates
  • You can continue your treatments at home
  • Available initially on the NHS
  • Non-invasive technique

Iontophoresis Cons

  • Not a permanent solution as you will have to continue your treatments at home
  • It doesn’t really work well for under-arm sweating, generally only used on the hands and feet
  • You can’t have the treatment if you are pregnant, have any metal implanted pins or a pacemaker

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