Side Effects of Obaban

Antiperspirants affect people in different ways, and some people might find that they are affected whereas others aren’t at all. Odaban, if used in the right way, is not considered at all dangerous, and instead can help other problems that you might experience due to your excess sweating such as fungal infections or chaffing. 

Due to the nature of Odaban there are few side effects of note. 

  • Some people might find that they get a prickly sensation where the Odaban has been used, although this usually stops after the initial few treatments. 
  • Skin irritation is a potential problem, and some people might find that their skin reacts badly to Odaban.  This is usually due to over-use of the Odaban, the less you apply in one treatment the better.  For some people reducing the amount that they use doesn't’t change the situation.  If this is the case then you ought to stop using the product and seek another means to help with your excess sweating.
  • It has been reported that antiperspirants might contribute to a higher risk of breast cancer, however it must be noted that there is no scientific evidence for this being so.

There are no serious side effects to using Odaban, although if you get it in your eyes or inhale any then you ought to be careful and seek medical attention. 

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