Cost of Odaban Foot Powder

For a tub of Odaban foot powder you will need to spend around £8 to £10, although high street prices will vary and often you might be able to find some deals or discounts online.  This tub will last for your initial week or ten day treatment period, and the results from this will last for around six months.  This means that you could spend only £20 each year and effectively reduce the amount of sweat produced by your feet.

There are very few risks associated with Odaban foot powder.  Initially you may find that you experiencing a prickly or tingling sensation, but this ought to dissipate as your feet adjust to the use of the powder.  Some people find that this never goes, or worse they suffer from skin irritation.  This might be because too much powder is being used, or it could indicate an allergy to the powder.  Initially you should reduce the amount of powder that you use, but if it continues then it would be wise to stop using the foot powder. 

Odaban can do no damage to your shoes and there is little risk of them being affected in anyway through the use of Odaban foot powder. 

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