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Odaban has recently formulated a foot powder to help with those suffering from Plantar Hyperhidrosis.  This powder can be used on the feet, to help prevent the initial sweating, as well as within the shoe to eliminate any bad odours that have developed. 

The foot powder is used in the same way that other Odaban products are, it is applied at night and washed off in the morning.  Allowing the aluminium chloride to work on plugging up the sweat glands. 

Excess Feet Sweating (Plantar Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating of the feet cannot only be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but can also lead to fungal infections and open sores on the skin.  Bad odours can start to manifest if you suffer from plantar Hyperhidrosis, and this in turn can cause problems with footwear and socks.  It is likely that you will have to change your shoes regularly, and only stick to contained shoes as apposed to sandals or open-toed shoes.  This in instead is rather limiting, especially in the summer months.  Odaban foot powder offers help with all of these things, from your well worn shoes to the initial sweat problem.

There are many reasons why your feet might be sweating above normal levels.  These vary from large medical problems to the use of man-made materials for your footwear. There are steps that you can take to try to prevent the amount of sweat that your feet produce, and even if you are using Odaban foot powder it would be a good idea to try to do so. 

  • Use cotton or wool socks, or at least socks that contain over 50% natural materials
  • Don’t keep your feet contained all of the time.  Airing them is likely to help reduce the amount of sweat that they produce
  • Use well fitting footwear
  • Keep your feet as clean as possible and dry them well before putting your socks on after having a shower

Foot sweating can be a reaction or symptom of a larger health problem.  Thyroid issues often lead to increased sweating in certain areas, as can stress and anxiety.  If you find that you are sweating from your feet more than before it is a good idea to get a consultation with your doctor to ensure that there isn’t a larger cause.

Using Odaban Foot Powder

Odaban foot powder is very easy to use, and can quickly become a part of your daily or weekly routine.  You sprinkle about a teaspoon of the powder into your shoes, initially every day for a week or ten days.  After this initial week you will find that you won’t need to reapply the foot powder for another six months.  Your other shoes can also be treated but it is best to place the powder in them only when they are being used.  The powder keeps your shoes smelling fresh and will slow the amount of sweat that your feet produce. 

The Odaban foot powder works by changing the inside of your shoes, making them stay dryer throughout the day.  This will help your feet by providing them with a dry environment, allowing any fungal infections to dry up and your feet to breathe more easily.  The powder will reach your socks and feet as you use your shoes, and will help to prevent excess sweating for the six month period recommended.  The aluminium chloride within the powder will help to block your sweat glands, and the fresh smell produced will also last for a long time.


Odaban Foot Powder has a very high success rate, so much so that often if you find that it isn’t working they will refund you the cost of your powder.  Initially you might experience a prickling sensation, but this is likely to fade over time. 

The results produced by Odaban foot powder are extremely good, and have a long lasting effect.  The initial weeks treatment continues to work for the following six months, allowing you to almost forget about any sweat problem that you may have.  Two treatments each year could prevent any worries about bad foot odour or excess sweat on your feet.

Odaban foot powder will also help to prevent athletes’ foot, and other similar fungal infections as well as keeping your shoes more stable preventing blisters or sores.  This has obvious health benefits, and can enable you to effectively treat any infections that may have occurred without worrying about their return.

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