Cost of Odaban Hand Lotion

Odaban Hand lotion costs will vary depending on where you buy the product.  Online prices are likely to be cheaper than those on the high street, and often you might find that you can get some form of offer or discount using websites.  Typically the lotion will cost around £10 to £15 for a £75 ml container.  Depending on how often you use the lotion, this ought to last you for around a few weeks or a month. 


Odaban hand lotion produces very good results, and the application of a lotion is very easy for you to use.  It can be used throughout the day, so that if you become concerned about the amount that you are sweating you can simply re-apply it. 

The lotion also helps your skin to stay soft, like any other hand cream might.  This means that you will also notice improvement to your skin as well as not having to worry about the amount of sweating. 

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