Causes of Anhidrosis & Risks

  • Age.  As you get older sometimes you will find that sweating starts to be reduced as your body finds it harder to control its temperature. 
  • Skin disorders.  If your skin is inflamed it is more likely to find sweating difficult. 
  • Scar tissue.  When the skin is damaged you will often find that certain elements of the skin fail to heal properly.  The most common being hair follicles and sweat glands.  As such it is likely that within scar tissue sites your sweat will be reduced.  In large areas of scar tissue this could cause problems although usually it is just something that you will live with. 
  • Genetic conditions.  Some people are born without the ability to sweat. 
  • Health.  Certain illnesses or medications can cause you to stop sweating.  If this occurs it is important to seek medical help. 
  • Dehydration.  If your body is dehydrated it may hold back moisture from sweating for important internal functions. 

Anhidrosis Risks

The obvious risk of anhidrosis is that of over-heating.  If your body goes above 38 degrees centigrade then you are at serious risk of falling into a coma or even death.  More subtle occurrences are cramping muscles, feeling dizzy, increased heart rate and nausea.  Over heating is a serious problem and it needs to be avoided if at all possible.  

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