Cost of Odaban

How much you pay for Odaban will depend on where you buy the product.  The official Odaban website offers the spray for £8.49, the hand cream for £8.99 and the foot powder for £8.99.  Generally online prices are the cheapest, costing between £4 and £8.  The prices change between online outlets as offers or discounts come in.  Online pharmacies have fewer overheads to pay, and as a result they can reduce the cost of many of their products.  The downside about this is that sometimes you have to wait up to a few days for delivery.

Buying Odaban on the high street will cost you around £10, with different stores offering it at different prices.  If you are wishing to use it quickly, however, this is your best option as you will have the product immediately.

If you have your Odaban on prescription then you will have to pay normal NHS prescription costs of £7.20 each time you need more Odaban.  This might work out slightly cheaper for you, but you will only be prescribed Odaban if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, not if you wish to use odaban as an antiperspirant method or for any other reason. 

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