Driclor for your Face

Facial sweating is a difficult condition and can seriously affect your confidence in certain situations.  Often your sweat will be visible, and your face will appear redder than is deemed normal.  Socially this is seen as unacceptable, and sweating is associated with those who are unfit or dirty.  This isn’t true, however it is likely to worry you if you find that you suffer from facial Hyperhidrosis. 

Driclor can be used on your face, although it is important that you are careful and don’t go near the eyes or mouth.  Using the antiperspirant on your face is risky, but can be done. 

Facial Sensitivity

The skin on your face is more sensitive than other areas of your body, and needs to be treated with more care than elsewhere.  Driclor contains alcohol, to quicken the evaporation process, and this could affect your facial skin.  It might make your skin sore, or break into a rash.  It would be a good idea to patch test your face before you apply it further. 

Driclor in your eyes

As well as the skin sensitivity, your eyes, ears, mouth and nose are delicate, and substances can cause real problems if they are applied to these areas.  If you do happen to get Driclor in your eyes it is important that you wash them immediately and ensure that any stinging dissipates.  If it continues and you are worried then you ought to seek medical attention. 

If using Driclor on your face it would be best to only place it on the forehead or hairline.  Other areas are too sensitive or potentially dangerous to apply the antiperspirant.  If you need to apply it over your face, then it is important that you keep a good distance away from your eyes and mouth. 


As long as you are careful about how much Driclor you apply to your face and ensure that you conduct a spot check before you use it all over, there is no reason why Driclor would cause you any problems on your face.  Often people find that by applying Driclor to just the forehead or hairline can make a big difference to the amount that they sweat.  Driclor will start working immediately, and although you will initially need to use in on a daily basis, eventually only a couple of applications each week will be necessary.  Many people are very happy with the results that Driclor gives when applying it to reduce their amounts of facial sweating.

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