Causes of Bromhidrosis

The problem areas for bromhidrosis are your underarms and groin, as this is where apocrine glands are positioned and it is these glands that produce the pungent sweat that can prove overpowering.  The apocrine glands are positioned alongside your hairs, and it is into the follicles that the sweat is positioned.  In the past these glands would have been used alike to animals scent, allowing individuals to recognise each other through the sense of smell.  Now they are basically useless, and instead more likely to be a cause for distress.  Many people suffer from bromhidrosis, and many also use products to help them cope with their body odour and prevent it from being a problem.

The smell of your sweat isn’t created instantly.  It takes around an hour for your sweat to start to produce any odour at all and this is due to the breakdown of your sweat and growth of bacteria around it.   This process can produce chemical reactions which, in turn, start to make you smell.  The smells vary, depending on the bacteria’s that are growing and your natural tendencies towards scent and sweat. 

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